Android L 5.1.1 Zombi Pop Omni Rom For Asus Transformer TF701

Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Zombi Pop Omni Kang rc1 Rom For Asus Transformer TF701 Fixed Rom Ever

YOU need to BE ON THE ASUS stock KK 4.4.2 BOOTLOADER version AND TWRP 2.8.6.Three+ before FLASHING THIS ROM. SEE improve instructions below in case you are unsure

You need to do a full wipe in TWRP if coming from one other ROM. Don’t do a full wipe from the bootloader. one important thing do a Nandroid Backup first and give the ROM 15 mins to stabilise! The 1st boot will take 5 to 10 minutes!

Features and Tweaks OF This Rom

This ROM is headquartered from OMNI AOSP sources
helps EXT4 data partitions
established off omni-5.1.1-20150823_zombi_tf701t-KANG source via lj50036/hardslog/sbdags
Full Aroma Installer for principal rom including choice of 4 kernels
Remixed Asus kernel with OMNI ramdisk – repacked through sbdags
Omni Kernel by way of lj50036/sbdags
extreme Modded Omni Kernel by means of sbdags
CM12 kernel with OMNI ramdisk by pershoot/sbdags
DPI dimension: 280 (TF701 recommended small fonts), 320 (stock fonts), 300 (Medium fonts) & 260 (Small fonts), 240 (Tiny fonts)
Launchers: Omni, Google expertise Launcher, Apex , Nova
Boot Animations: ZOMBi-POP, Android-L, Nexus flow, Unknown Pleasures
Gapps headquartered on Banks’ Gapps (up to date through me to Google contemporary apks and libs)
Misc Apps: ESFile Explorer, Adobe Flash, AdAway
Tweaks: File method and performance optimised, Init.D support, Zip Align, force GPU Rendering, Browser2RAM
persevered first-class support of any ROM!
Warning – experimental tweaks
alternative disable data journaling on /data during install – CAN CAN purpose knowledge LOSS IF surprising SHUTDOWN OR CRASH
alternative disable fsync in the course of set up – CAN CAN reason data LOSS IF unexpected SHUTDOWN OR CRASH

Tip 1: Go to Settings – About tablet, click on build number 7 time
Now you’re going to see Developer Settings & perfomance menus
Tip 2: In Developer Settings – Set Animation and Transitions to 0.5 or 0 for additonal free velocity!
Tip 3: In performance Settings – Set CPU max and min velocity and i/O scheduler to noop


  • Known Bug
  • No Floating windows yet
  • Aroma gets stuck sometimes – hit volume up if so to force it to continue


ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 RC1 20150829 Full Mirror 1

ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 RC1 20150829 Full Mirror 2